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About Liscious

Owner and designer Patti Minicola is an Interior Designer & Home Staging graduate. I have over 15 years experience helping my clients, friends and family love their space or stage their homes for market.

 Decorating, painting and DIY' ing has been a passion of mine since I was a child, I love to beautify my surroundings, it makes my heart & soul sing to be able to awake daily surrounded by beauty.  "do what you love & love what you do"  

Liscious Interiors will work with our clients to help them achieve their own beautiful oasis called their home. Having a home that you are proud of puts smile on your face and in your heart, it doesn't get better than that. Happy Heart, means Happy Life.

Liscious Interiors, will help you achieve your Home Staging Re-design wishes. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your Staging /Re-Design wishes.

De-Liscious, when Staged or Decorated by
              Call Pattti @ 519 572 3652

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